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Mon 18 Jun
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Name From To Table Purpose Note Delete
(D1) 16. Ian Dignam -vs- 13. David Byrne17:0019:008-ball Table 6 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(D1) 15. Darren Regan -vs- 14. Karel Geoghegan20:0022:008-ball Table 5 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(P) 05. Shay Logue -Select Opponent20:0022:008-ball Table 7 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(MS) John Maher -Select Opponent21:0022:00Snooker Table (1hr max) (MS)Looking to Play Someone 

See available/unavailable dates below for players due to holidays/commitments etc

DIV1 - Shay Logue away for week 1

DIV1 - Ger Farrelly away for weeks 1 & 2

PREM - John Maher away for week 2

DIV1 - Karl Rice away for weeks 4 & 5

League games due to be played during these dates can either be played in the period driectly before or after the holiday dates.
Otherwise they must be played within the designated back-match time at the end of the League.