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Tue 22 May
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Name From To Table Purpose Note Delete
(P) 06. Chris Sunderland -vs- 16. Stephen Joyce8:009:008-ball Table 6 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(P) 06. Chris Sunderland -vs- 15. Paul Ferns9:0010:008-ball Table 6 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(P) 12. Graham Murrin -vs- 09. Paul Dunne18:0020:008-ball Table 5 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(D2) 06. Mark Dooley -vs- 12. Ben Cruise19:0022:008-ball Table 7 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(P) 07. Conor Brady -vs- 14. David Moore19:0020:308-ball Table 6 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(D2) 06. Mark Dooley -vs- 12. Ben Cruise19:3021:308-ball Table 7 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(D2) 02. Colm Walsh -vs- 14. Adam Logue20:3022:308-ball Table 5 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 
(MS) John Maher -Select Opponent21:3022:30Snooker Table (1hr max) (MS) 
(P) 16. Stephen Joyce -vs- 09. Paul Dunne21:3023:308-ball Table 7 (BBL)BB-OPEN LEAGUE MATCH 

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