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Blackball Over 40's Singles League Rules 2013/2014

1. Entry Fee of 50 Euro must be paid before league starts.

2. All non-full members playing in the League will be subject to a 5 Euro admission fee for match nights only.
(That means 5 Euro is payable per league match) or (50 Euro can be paid up front with the entry fee to cover for all league matches)

3. All players must play each match on the week it falls.

4. If for some reason a player cannot play a match on the week it falls, then they must play it by the end of following week or they forfeit the match and points.

5. If someone is going on holiday they will be required to play the matches due during that time either before they go or by the end of the week they return as per rule no 4.

6. It is the responsibility of both players to ensure the match is played on time and the result is submitted.

7. Any player who forfeits more than 2 matches in succession will be disqualified from the league.

8. Any player who forfeits more than 2 matches throughout the entire league cannot claim any prize monies.

9. Any player who is in arears with entry/admission/match fees or other will not be able to claim any prize monies.
(If a player has any outstanding subs or other fees, the prize monies withheld will clear all owes, no cash payout will be allowed!)

10. Players must play everybody once, League winner will be determined by the player with the highest points.

11. Should 2 players finish with the same points, then the winner will be decided by total match wins, then by head to head.

12. Cash Prize fund will be based on the number of entries with a minimum 80% payout of the total entry fees taken in.

13. The number of places available in the League is normally capped at 16.

14. A playoff event usually follows the League and excludes the players finishing in prize money positions. An entry fee may apply!
(To qualify for the playoffs you must have no outstanding fees, no outstanding matches, and complied with rule 8 above)

15. Players are required to use the scoring system supplied and submit a scorecard for each match.
(Usually the winner submits the result and scorecard)

16. If the winner does not submit the match result or scorecard on time they will forfeit the match.
You can download and print your scorecard from the link above or (click here)

17. It is recommended that players book a table for the date and time they are playing their match.

18. A table which is booked for a specific time by a player for their match is their table from that time.
A maximum 2 hour time window is allowed to be booked for a league match.

19. Anyone using a table which is pre-booked is required to move to another vacant or next available table.

20. If a player is running late and does not give adequate notice that they will be late, then their opponant can claim a frame every 10 minutes starting from a quarter hour after the arranged start time.
(example: match arranged 7pm, no show by 7:15pm, at 7:25pm first frame claimed, 7:35pm 2nd frame and so on)
(No cancellations are allowed on the day of play! A minimum 24hr notice is required or the match can be forfeit!)

21. Regarding late arrivals in rule 20, if frames claimed amount to 5 and the opponent still has not arrived, then the match is forfeit.

22. Regarding rules 17-19, if a table is booked and both players have not arrived up to 30 minutes into the booking then the booking is void and the table is free for use. If the players then arrive they cannot re-claim the table if being used!

23. Official Blackball Rules apply for the League and Playoffs.

24. Players lag before the League Match starts and alternate breaks throughout the match. No re-lag for final deciding frame.

25. In the Playoffs, Players lag at the start of each set and alternate breaks throughout the match.

26. All Players are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and sporting manner at all times.

27. No official dress code is required for these events unless specifically requested for the purpose of recording or T.V.

Rules and Terms may be added to or adjusted if required.

Note: Prize money is always a percentage of overall entry fees taken in!