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Please remember to print your scorecards from the link below.
Your result can be void if you fail to submit one!

Over 40's Premier
(week 1 starting Sunday Nov 3rd 2013)

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Make sure your score cards are filled in correctly as an incorrect score card will not be accepted resulting in the game being void and both players being penalised..

Scorecards will not be available in the venue so please make sure you print them before-hand!
  Win       Lose  
  Break & Finish A - Z Break & Finish Against  
  Break & Win Frame B - E Don't Break & Lose Frame  
  Don't Break & Win Frame C - D Break & Lose Frame  
  Forfeit For FF - FA Forfeit Against  

Download and print your scorecard by clicking here!

Estimated Prize Monies for 2013 League & Playoffs as follows,
with Trophies for each League Winner & Runner-up.

League Winner - 300 Euro, Runner-up - 200 Euro, .

Playoff Winner - (TBC) Euro, Runner-up - (TBC) Euro,.

Note: Prize money is always a percentage of entries taken!


New memberships for league players are only available up to 1 month before the league begins.

New players wishing to join must complete our Membership Registration form to apply.

Any queries or questions please call me on 0872381202

D. Poole


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