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Ladies Blackball Singles League Rules

1. League Entry and registration Fees in total are to be 30/40 Euro for the first league.
(10 Admin/Reg and remainder to the prize pool)

2. All non-full members will be subject to league match fees which permits them access to the venue for their match days/nights only.
It is normally a 10 Euro daily admission fee for a non-member to enter the facility.
For league players, this fee will only be 5 Euro for each league match visit.
(Note: this 5 Euro is a per match fee! Match Fees do not apply to Full Members)
A bundle offer is available to all non-members where a set match fee can be given along with the entry to cover all league matches and league match visits for the duration of the league. To avail of the bundle deal, the full amount must be paid before the league begins.

3. All players must play each match within the time allocated or it will be foreit or void. No matches can be played after a session has ended.

4. The playing format of the league consists of a number of sessions with 2 matches allocated for each session! (This basically means there are 2 matches which have to be played in each 2-week period).

5. Any match not played in the session allocated or if no scorecard/result is received by the end of the session then the match is void.
For example, Session 1 are matches/weeks 1 and 2 of the league.
Both these games have to be played and scorecard submitted within the time allowed.
Once the next respective session begins, matches in the previous session are frozen.
Supplying a scorecard late will not be accepted in any case!
Once the match is void/frozen thats how it will remain.

(NOTE: Any claims of points for matches not played must also be done within the session allocated or they will not be valid! See rules 6, 16 & 21-23)

6. Generally, it is the responsibility of both players to ensure the match is played on time and the scorecard/result is submitted..

So for the benefit of match arranging the following applies:
Contact must be made by the Monday of the week the match actually falls.. No Later!
Agree a time and day and BOOK your table on the booking form..
All scorecards are to be left in the office letterbox after each match.
Failure to submit a scorecard will result in each player being deducted points! (Rule 16)
Do not arrive to any match without a scorecard! There will be some in the venue but they can run out easily.
(NOTE: If a match is not played and it is found that a player has failed to respond, then they will forfeit the match!)

7. Any player who forfeits more than 2 matches in succession will be disqualified from the league.

8. Any player who forfeits more than 2 matches throughout the entire league cannot claim any prize monies and cannot qualify for the "best of the rest" 1 frame playoffs.

9. Any player who is in arears with entry/admission/match fees or other will not be able to claim any prize monies. (If the player has any outstanding subs or other fees, the prize monies withheld will clear all owes, no cash payout will be allowed!)

10. Players must play everybody once, League winner will be determined by the player with the highest points.

11. Should 2 players finish with the same points, then the winner will be decided by the head to head result, then by frame count.

12. Cash Prize fund for the League will always be based on the number of entries received and paid in full. The top 2 in each division are normally paid out from the prize pool with a "best of the rest" 1 frame playoff for all others who finish outside the top 2. It will solely depend on entries what portion of the prize pool is held over for the best of the rest 1 frame comp.

13. The max number of places normally available in each League division is 16.
(This can be changed so to benefit the league format and players, depending on the number of entries)

14. The playoff event will directly follow the League and will exclude the players finishing in prize money positions. (To qualify for the playoffs you must have no outstanding fees, no outstanding matches, and complied with rule 8 above)

15. Players are required to print out and use the scorecards provided. You must submit a scorecard for each match.

16. With regards to using scorecards amd submitting results:
Ensure you are prepared and always have a scorecard with you for every match!
A piece of random paper with scores scribbled on it will not be accepted!
If an official scorecard is not submitted, match will be voided regardless of the result.
You must print and sign your name on all scorecards!
(NOTE: Please ensure your scorecard is filled out completely!
Make sure that all boxes are filled out, date, start time, finish time, names printed, signatures, session & match number etc)

Anyone found fixing scores will receive a max penalty deduction of -6 points.
A second offense regarding match fixing will result in being disqualified from the league.

You can download and print your scorecard from the link shown (click here)

17. It is recommended that players book a table for the date and time they are playing their match. Failure to do so may result in you having to wait for a table to become available.

18. A table which is booked for a specific time by a player for their match is their table from that time until the end of the match. A maximum 2 hour time window is allowed to be booked for a league match and the players must vacate that particular table when the match ends.

19. Anyone using a table which is pre-booked is required to move to another vacant or next available table. The players who booked it cannot just move to another table as it may also be pre-booked for another match. Make sure to only use the table you have booked or it can get messy!

20. Regarding rules 17-19, if a table is booked and both players have not arrived up to 20 minutes into the booking then the booking is void and the table is free for use. If the players then arrive they cannot re-claim the table if it is being used, they will just have to wait for a table to become available!

21. If a player is running late and does not give adequate notice that they will be late, then their opponant, once they are already in the venue, can claim a frame every 10 minutes starting from a quarter hour after the arranged start time.
(example: match arranged 7pm, no show by 7:15pm, at 7:25pm first frame claimed, 7:35pm 2nd frame and so on)

22. Regarding late arrivals in rule 21, if frames claimed amount to 5 and the opponent still has not arrived, then the match is forfeit.
(Once the match is forfeit, all 3 points are awarded to the player waiting in the venue)

23. With regards to no shows or players cancelling matches -
If a player does not show up for their arranged match, rules 21 & 22 are set in motion!
Players must give at least 24 hours notice in order to cancel a match. (aka: day before)
Only in extreme cases may cancelling on the day be allowed or a forfeit will apply!.
Any player that cancels any match for a 2nd time forfeits the match.

Even if a match is unplayed, voided or forfeit, your match fee will still apply!

24. Official Blackball Rules apply for the League and Playoffs.

25. Players lag before the League Match starts and alternate breaks throughout the match. No re-lag for final deciding frame.

26. In the Playoffs, Players lag at the start of each set and alternate breaks throughout the match.

27. All Players are required to conduct themselves in a respectful and sporting manner at all times.

28. No official dress code is required for these events unless specifically requested for the purpose of photos, recording or T.V.

Rules and Terms may be added to or adjusted when and if required.