IPA Competition Series & World Rules Events
Setup, Rules & Format

1. Each Series consists of a set number of events.

2. Each event will facilitate no more than 32 players.

3. All players regardless of standard can enter these events.
(Venue/Organiser retains the right to refuse an entry for whatever reason)

4. Each entry into an event can vary so please ask before-hand.
(The entry fee is usually inclusive of venue contributions)

5. Prize funds are always dependant on entries and is normally no less than 60-80% of the total in entry fees after the venue contribution is deducted..
(This depends on the event being run and the cause, aka, knockout event, league, charity fundraiser etc)

6. Full IPA Tour rules apply for all our World Rules events. No ammendments!

7. Players are required to be in the venue no less than 20 minutes before a match is to begin.

8. Players not present when called or when scheduled to play, will forfeit a frame every 10 minutes until
(a) they either show up, or
(b) the match is deemed lost.

9. With regard to rule number 8, a match is deemed lost when a total of 5 frames have been forfeit.

10. Any player who forfeits 2 consecutive matches are deemed to be disqualified from the event with match points awarded to the other players.

11. The referee or tournament officials decision is final on all matters or disputes.

12. Players are required to give adequate notice if they cannot make their allocated or arranged match time.
(Minimum 24 hour notice is required, no changes or cancellations are accepted on the day of play).

13. Any player who does not turn up without giving any notice will be still be liable for the entry fees.

14. In the event that a match is dragging on or deliberate slow play is deemed to be occuring over shots, a clock may be applied in the middle of a frame and for all remaining frames.

15. At all times players are to conduct themselves in a sporting and respectful manner.

16. No official dress code is required for any of these events.
(We do ask that all players wear a pool polo shirt or at least a colar shirt for any finals or where a photo is required)

17. Official Draws and fixtures will only be posted on The Pool Knight Shack website and no where else.. Don't assume reading a post or viewing an image on facebook is the final publication.

To register for an event you must conatact the Events administrator.

If unsure who the administrator of an event may be or in the event of any problems or complaints please contact the Shack Academy Management directly.

David Poole

send a message on facebook,

text or call mobile number 0872381202,

or email admin@thepoolknightshack.info.

Please note, the rules, terms and conditions of The Pool Knight Shack apply to all players at all times.