Blackball (Round Robin) Knockout Series
Setup, Rules & Format

These events are based on the same format as the Irish Blackball Tour.

1. The Series consists of 10 (changed to 8) qualifier events.

2. The winner + runner up of each event will automatically qualifiy for the Grand Final.

3. Each qualifier will consist of no more than 32 players.

4. Any player who does not qualify for the Grand Final can enter the next qualifier if they wish.

5. Each entry into a qualifier event will cost 30 Euro.
(This includes the 5 Euro reg fee per player. No further charges apply for use of tables in this event)

6. 60% of total in entry fees will be paid out at the end of each qualifier event.
(Winner, Runner-up & 2 Semi finalists, numbers permitting!)

7. The remaining 40% less any administration fees, will be carried over to the Grand Final where 60% of this will be paid out to the winner, runner-up and & 2 semi finalists.
(based on a full 32 players in each qualifier event the winner could receive up to approximately 1000 Euro)

8. After the 10 (8) qualifiers are played there should be 20 (16) players out of the required 32 who have qualified into the Grand Final. The remaining players to complete the full 32 will be selected from the Knockout Series ranking system.

Remember, any player that has qualified for the Grand final is not allowed to enter another qualifier event, so they will not be included in the rankings either.

9. Full Blackball rules apply for these events. No ammendments!

10. Players are required to be in the venue no less than 25 minutes before their group or match is to begin.

11. If a player is not present at the time they are called they will forfeit a frame every 10 minutes until
(a) they either show up, or
(b) the match is deemed lost.

12. With regard to rule number 11, a match is deemed lost when a total of 5 frames have been forfeit.

13. If round 2 in the groups has completed and the player still has not arrived, they are deemed to be disqualified from the event and all points are awarded to the other players in the group.

14. The referee or tournament officials decision is final on all matters.

15. Players are required to give adequate notice if they cannot make their allocated session time so that we can draft in a reserve player. (Minimum 24 hour notice).

16. Any player who does not turn up without giving any notice will be issued a fine (50% of the entry fee) which is payable at the next event they enter into.

17. In the event that a match is dragging on or deliberate slow play is deemed to be occuring, the clock may be applied in the middle of a frame and for all remaining frames.

18. At all times players are to conduct themselves in a sporting and respectful manner.

19. No official dress code is required for these events until the knockout stage.
(We ask that all players wear a pool polo shirt or at least a colar shirt for the knockout stage on the Sunday)

20. The official Group Draw will take place and be posted on the Shack website by the Monday before each Event.

21. All official information regarding the events rules, group draw or knockout stage etc can only be found on The Pool Knight Shack website and no where else.. DO NOT assume reading a post or viewing an image on facebook or anywhere else is an official or final publication.

Saturday Morning at 10AM (session one, 2 groups of 4 players),
Saturday 1PM (session two, 2 groups of 4 players),
Saturday 4PM (session three, 2 groups of 4 players),
Saturday 8PM (Session four, 2 groups of 4 players).

2 players from each group will qualify to the knockout stages (last 16) on Sunday at 12 noon.

In the Group stages all frames have to be played
(match win = 3 points),
(match win by 3 frames or more = 1 bonus point),
(match loss by 1 frame = 1 bonus point),

Last 16 = (9 points),
Last 8 (11 points),
Last 4 (13 points),

No Ranking points apply in the Final as these 2 players are excluded from the rankings.
They are granted a place in the Knockout Series Grand Final.

To register please conatct our administrator for these events, Paddy Murphy.

You can message him on facebook,

text your name to mobile number 0874106150,

or email

In the event of any problems or complaints please contact the Shack Academy Management.
David Poole - Phone: 0872381202, or email:

Please note, the rules, terms and conditions of The Pool Knight Shack apply to all players at all times.