Format will be Round Robin into Straight Knockout.
(Official 9-Ball rules apply & Breaks are alternative!)

All Round Robin matches will be based on 6 racks.
Players receive 1 Point for each rack won in Round Robin stage.
An additional 2 points is awarded to the match winner.
If it is a draw then each player will receive 1 point.

A bonus point is also up for grabs in the Group stage.
If match winner reaches 5 racks then they receive the bonus point.
If the winner fails to reach 5 the bonus point is awarded to their opponent.

Please Note:
The points stated above are only to determine who is placed where in the Groups!
The ranking points given are based on where the player finished in the Group.

Knockout Stage.
A player receives further points for each stage they progress to.
Each player receives an additional 5 points for each round they progress to.

Start Times
All players will be advised the time their Group is to play.
Registration on the day is minimum 25 minutes before start time given.
Any player not registered on time will be deleted from the Event.

All Group qualifier sessions will be played on the Saturday of the event.
Knockout stage will commence from 12 noon on the Sunday.

Entry Fee as follows:
20 Euro entry for Full Members, 15 Euro if under 18.

Non-members or those with fees outstanding will pay:
20 Euro entry plus 5 Euro reg/admission, 15 Euro plus 5 Euro if under 18.

Entry closing date will be the Monday before the event at 1pm.
Any late entries will be subject to an additional fee of 5 Euro.
Group draw & times will be posted only on the Shack website.
Players who don't show and fail to give notice will be subject to a fine.
A polo or collar shirt is the only dress code requirement for these events.
Prize money will be a minimum of 60% of all entry fees taken in.

To register please conatct David Poole.

Send a message on facebook,

text your name and contact info to meteor mobile number 087 238 1202,

or email

Please note, the rules, terms and conditions of The Pool Knight Shack apply to all players at all times.